About Us

J. - that would be me. I am a Mom. I used to be a teacher. I am a knitter and a spinner when I find time. I am a gardener and a cook. I try to find time to do it all...

P. - He's the Dad, he's also a therapist, my husband and all sorts of other wonderful things as well.

Calvin - is our 10 year old. He was adopted from the system after bouncing around for 3 years. He has behaviour issues from Attachment Disorder and neglect in his early years. He is great kid who is curious and loves to learn, he is working hard on learning how to be a part of his forever family.

Fudge - is our 8 year old. He was adopted under the same circumstances as his bio brother Calvin. He has learning, behaviour and developmental issues that are a result of his bumpy and traumatic start in life. He has a wicked sense of humour and his laugh will make your heart melt.