Christmas Cards Made Easy

Oh Christmas how I love thee,Oh Christmas cards how I do not love thee as much.

 I have tried and tried over the years to get my Christmas cards out to people I love in a reasonable amount of time. I have joked about them being New Years Cards and some years they have been sent in time for valentines day. I love the idea and I hate the process, every year I say I am going to get it together and every year I fail.

When I became a parent I took the easy way out and started putting pictures of my kids on the cards. The first year I took a great picture and actually made 50 cards to mail out complete with a photo and some stamping that I did on each and every card. It was crazy, I did into have enough time and I just ended up stressed. Last year I saw the light, I went to Shutterfly, uploaded my pictures and they mailed me completed  Christmas cards with a message that I wrote on the inside. While I was there I also took advantage of their photo calender services and got calendars for my siblings and parents. They made great gifts and my children enjoyed looking at all the pictures of their cousins as we turned each month. We also have photo mugs that my sister sent last year and you can get photo cards for every occasion you can imagine as well.

I am so doing it again, in fact that is why I am posting this, Shutterfly is offering a giveaway of 50 free cards to bloggers who write a review. They offer a great service and you know me, I am all about easy and convenient. Now all I have to do is spend my time taking pictures of my monkeys and then I can upload them to their website and I am off. I think that I am going to go with this design this year and now all I have to do is actually mail them out once they get here...