Friday, August 14, 2009

pushed over the edge

I try not to write to much here about my journey as parent. I have lots of reasons for that - it's a small town, stuff on the net is really public, I don't know how the boys would/will feel about it - so I often just try to blog about the good bits and make reference to the bad on occasion and move on.

The problem with all that... is some days when you have this great blog post in your head about all sorts of the good things that have been going on and all the fun you have been having and you have a limited amount of time to post it/write it as there are 7 million things going on and then your kids mess up and make you really angry - (you know the kind of angry I mean, don't pretend for a minute that you haven't been that angry at someone at some point) it's hard to sit and type a lovey dovey post about fun stuff.

Sometimes parenting is hard, sometimes there are moments when I think that perhaps it will never be good again. I am having one of those moments and I know that eventually it will pass and all will be good again, maybe. I trust that they will pull it together and not try to see just how close to the edge they can push me for a few days. Then it will happen again because that's the journey, that's our life.

So for now I am going to sit here, enjoy my gluten free beer, breathe deep and wait for P to get home because I told them they would be on time out till dinner - that's kind of a long way off, like 3 hours - but then P can play good cop when he gets home.

PS one of the really fun things I wanted to tell you about was our upcoming cottage visit with the boys little bro and big sis... we are off tomorrow morning. Here are the boys up to there usual antics with the little brother.

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Anonymous said...

We owe it to someone else's achievements in health and thus feel joy, depending on the success of others as if their achievements, and this is the Buddha mind. Always hold the interests of all sentient beings of the heart, we can not leave the joy forever.