Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Week

Well here it is Friday again and we all made it through another week at school, it wasn't as uneventful as I may have liked but I managed to stay calm and that is always a feat when Fudge a small person is being openly defiant just to make you mad.

Fudge got busted for stealing, Fudge was defiant to me on multiple occasions, Fudge spent yesterday afternoon raking leaves until dinner while Calvin played withthe new playmobil I got at the consignment store -  let's see if he makes better choices today.

The boys little  brother ( E is 3) spent the night on Wednesday, having 3 for a night was not so different, there was just one more mouth to feed but he thinks eating is for sissies so I didn't really have to even feed the little guy. Calvin and Fudge were both really excited to have E. here Calvin did really well with him, except when he was being a control freak, but that is normal around here. Fudge did well most of the time except when he was openly trying to get himself in trouble. He looks so sweet on the outside but sometimes he is just as devious as Calvin is.

I had therapy yesterday and so I spent the day in the city and had lunch with a friend. I like days by myself in the city. I also like therapy, it keeps me sane and I am lucky enough to of had the same therapist for a long time, she gets me and there is no background required. Sometimes I feel like I don't need it and then other times I feel like I should be going more often, it is all a balance thing.

*insert pause* must get boys up and moving - done - but I only have about another 5 minutes before all hell breaks loose.

And in the next 5 minutes I can not really tell you about the meeting I had at out local Children's Aid Society to finally get them moving toward creating some post adoption support in our county. There is none at the moment and there is no funding for any but there is such a need. The first 6 months of that adoption journey would of been so different with people to talk to and a little more education about how bumpy the road was going to be! We will work on it, we are going to start small with an open house to celebrate adoption month and then hope to get some groups going.

Alright, gotta go but does anyone else know what the new blogger  posting window has done withthe spell checker, I can't seem to find it and I am sure that it is hiding in plain sight.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for reminding me about the joy of kids raking leaves.

I didn't know that spell check had moved. Mine is right next to the picture upload button.