Thursday, October 8, 2009

A few things

  • I wrote at Hopeful Parents today, head over and check it out.
  • Corey is seeking a family for her son, please go read their story and spread the word.
  • Essie gave me an award, more on that tomorrow or soon.
  • We had a meeting at Calvin's school yeaterday, I think we finally convinced them that we were not just trying to make their lives difficult. In fact, perhaps in giving them the worst case we have moved them to action and understanding.
  • Fudge is celebrating his birthday this weekend and I need to find cake to bake.
  • The boys want to be Mario and Luigi for halloween, I need to make costumes.
  • We still have a chipmunk living on cat food.
  • I still have more tomatoes to can or freeze.
  • It's thanksgiving here in the great white north this weekend and we will be busy with parties, birthdays and turkeys
  • I bought flannel yesterday to make pj pants and it has glow in the dark eys on it! So fun.
  • The playroom has almost all been moved dowstairs and my life will now involve a lot less runningup and down the stairs to see what the monkeys are up to.
  • I have to go and get stuff done!

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Celeste said...

where's my bribe for silence?