Thursday, December 24, 2009

day 4 - are we done yet?

We are all still alive and Calvin did finally get the shoes relaced. First he cried, then he hit himself in the head with the shoe, then he tried to talk his way out of it, finally he asked to go get another shoe to look at and amazingly he got them all laced up in a jiffy!

Fudge is working hard to drive P around then bend, P has taken him out shopping twice and both times it has been a disaster.

I am ready for vacation to be over.

We have a busy day today and I still have barlety begun wrapping gifts, we do not give tons of gifts but I do need to wrap them and there are some from other family members that need to be wrapped as well. Then we are off to church and to a great Ukrainian Christmas Eve meal after. It is a great time and there are lots of kids so it is a good way to wear the boys out and enjoy the day as well. Tomorrow we are heading to a friends and then on boxing day we have a sibling visit planned. It is going to be a crazy 3 days but Merry Christmas!

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Lisa said...

Prescription: Wine. Lots of wine.
Dr. Lisa


Seriously though...hoping things will settle down. We're just barely holding it together.