Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Moments

  • I am ready to go back to bed and it is only 8:50am
  • Calvin is working really hard to push every button I have to see if I will burst. He is not being bad just defiant to see what is going to happen. Christmas last year was brutal, let's hope he just stays at the defiant level rather than raging.
  • Fudge woke up screaming on Thursday night saying that his ear hurt, he gave himself an asthma attack he was so worked up. I got him calm and breathing put him back to bed and in the am took him to the doctor. There was nothing wrong. nothing.
  • Vacation has started and the boys are home, it's louder that it usually is on a Monday morning.
  • It has been really cold here this week and I am ready for spring already.
  • I have almost all my Christmas cards out and it is not even Christmas, that is amazing for me.
  • Calvin has therapy this morning and we are making a brain out of a watermelon.
  • We are pushing the local hospital really hard to get a Neuro Psych evaluation for Fudge, it will answer a lot of questions but getting it all organised is a whole lot of work and in reading that file last week I learned all sorts of things that I had missed the first time I read it. Luckily for me his therapists are doing most of the work and now that I have the paper together there will just be a whole lot of waiting.
  • P needs the computer to do some work so I guess I better go, you know since he gets paid to work and that puts food on the table.
  • It may be quiet around here this week with the monkeys home but perhaps I can sneak a few minutes here and there.


Lisa said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for the eval.

Would love to hear more about the watermelon brain. Inquiring minds want to know.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Hope your vacation is restful and relaxing...and I'm also curious about the watermelon it edible? Could I use it as a replacement part for any one of the 3 pre-teen boys in my house when their brains short circuit? Which pretty much happens daily...