Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Moments

  • Calvin is working really hard, he is really struggling with the complication of loving me and missing his bio mom. He is also struggling with the fact that it is normal to mourn thing that you have lost and that it is okay to feel sad.
  • Given all that is happening in Haiti I stil feel a little like my problems and rambly blog posts are kind of insignificant.
  • I got new beds for the boys room, there will be a post about that.
  • It's Monday! the boys are at school!
  • School is not going so well for either of them. Calvin got busted last week for sneaking food at school again and he is working hard to control all the other kids in his class with his hands... Fudge is just the impulsive little boy that he is.
  • Fudge has an appointment next week for his neuropsych assessment - yippee. Hopefully it will give us some answers or at least some letters that we can user to get him some extra support.
  • Did I mention that the reason that the boys got new beds was because we needed to ouy one new bed because we went back on the foster list last week. I needed to put 2 beds in other bedroom and we only had one... gluttons for punishment we are - just kidding. I am looking forward to having some more munchkins around when it happens which could be awhile this time as we are not as open as we used to be about who can be here given the needs of the boys.
  • It is warm here today, around zero and the snow is wet and messy. Is it spring yet?
  • Could someone send the laundry fairy over, there is lots to be put away and I hate putting laundry away.

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