Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Moments

  • Yesterday Fudge could of been observed holding an ice cube until it melted - any theories - I'll save the story for another post.
  • I am sitting in a waiting room waiting, that's what they are for right. What am I waiting for you might ask? Fudge is in hour 3 of his neuropsych consult, hopefully we are almost done but we may have to come back after lunch if they do not get it finished.
  • It is raining outside, raining in the winter in the great white north is never a good thing, it makes a huge mess!
  • We had a really quiet weekend, I really like quiet weekends and I am dreading that every weekend next month has at least one activity planned.
  • The boys new bedroom continues to be successful and no one has tried walking on the edges of Fudge's bed yet, my sister pointed out in the comments that it is wide enough as her munchkins discovered.
  • I am tired and it is only Monday.
  • Christine has some great stuff on her blog about theraputic parenting. It made me stop and think and that is so important. It also made me apoligize to Fudge for getting so mad at him last night.
  • Here's the kid, gotta go


Christine said...

Ugh. Don't you just HATE stopping and thinking?!?

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well, 3 hours in a waiting room sounds kind of like a break to me. Did you bring some knitting? LOL!
Teena goes to swim class and I find I am loving that half hour of hanging out.
Hope all goes well with the consult- may they find something that can be fixed!

Lisa said...

Loving the stuff on C's blog too. Stopping to think...yeah...that's hard.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Mmmmm. Don't you just love waiting rooms???? Peace. Quiet. No dishes or laundry. *sigh* I actually got our therapy clinic 2 subscriptions last year - we spent so much time there and wanted something "good" to read. Love your condensed Monday Moments idea and may need to hijack it this week...