Friday, March 19, 2010


We were having breakfast this morning and some how Calvin's recent candy cane eating binge came up. Fudge pipes up and says " Did he eat all the candy canes in the drum?" - let me amuse you with what happened after that

Me - What drum?
Fudge - Calvin's drum is full of candy canes, sometimes he shares them with me.
Me - Calvin would you like to explain this.
Calvin - What drum?
Me - Calvin you are already busted you might want to tell the truth rather than get in more trouble for lying.
Calvin - They are in my drum from school, the one I brought home at christmas from school, along with some old raisins.
Me -Where is this drum?
Calvin - Under my bed.

I go to retrieve the drum and Calvin tries to stop me, I told him to stay put. I go upstairs and find a good stash of stuff under his bed mostly just little boy stuff that is not supposed to be in his bedroom but there is his drum, full of candy cane wrappers with a few more pieces of candy inside. I come back downstairs with the offending drum.

Me - Calvin is there any other candy hidden in your room?
Calvin - No, thanks for tattling Fudge.
Me - He got busted too so get over it. After breakfast we will be removing all things from your room that are not books, I will get you a box to put them all in. ( this has always been the rule but I got a little lax)

The boys expressed themselves with grumbling and general unhappiness, lots of that's not fair were said.

Me to P - That would be chapter 7, hoarding ( me referencing Beyond Consequences)
Fudge - Chapter 7 from your book.
Me - What book would that be
Fudge - your Beyond Consequences book, Chapter 7 Hoarding and Gorging.
Me and P - Laughing aloud.
Fudge - What is so funny?
Me - Nothing, I am impressed that you have been reading my books.
Fudge - Well you read it a lot so I started to look at it.

I am still giggling, my 8 year old is reading  my parenting books, so cute.


GB's Mom said...

I love it! You made my morning!

BT said...

Yes, it was pretty funny when our P started reading our Love & Logic book and then telling us how great it was and how we should use those techniques on him and B!

I hate hoarding!!!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

That is too funny! :-)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

OT warning....

omg, where is the new KNITTY and TWIST??? Shouldn't they be out by now?

Lisa said...

Ok...I'm seriously ROTFLMAO. That is too funny. :D Go Fudge!

MomInTheTrench said...


K- floortime lite mama said...

OMG soooo cute !!!
Love it
PS I dont know much about raising kids without Autism - so I did not understand why hoarding is bad - is it because its candy and bad for teeth ?