Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Moments

  • I need a vacation, I wish we could afford one to some where sunny.
  • I lost it at Fudge yesterday and I mean lost it, I still feel bad.  I was exhausted after 3 days of 12 loud little boys at camp and then I  discovered that he had been sneaking drinks after dinner at camp and wet his bed. Then he tried to hide it from me by putting his wet stinky sleeping bag away in the closet (in my bedroom) where we keep them. I was livid, we have had this conversation so many times, I have yelled, talked, bribed, punished and remained calm in the face of him being sneaky about this. I have tried reverse psychology, done pull ups, have turned off water and hid cups. Nothing has worked. I don't really care if he wets the bed, that is not the issue, the issue is his being sneaky and defiant. He knows that if he has a drink after dinner he will wet the bed, even without a drink he sometimes still wets the bed. You wet the bed you deal with it, you are honest and you clean it up, we all move on. After I calmed down we had a long talk, I said sorry and he had a good cry, lets see what sinks in.
  • Struggling through attachment issues with 2 kids at the same time can be  is really draining.
  • The weather is warming here and I have high hopes for an early spring.
  • We had lots of wet snow here this weekend it made driving a nightmare and for some very wet kids.
  • I have lots of wet camp laundry to get through.
  • I got my first anon. troll type comment the last week, oh how I love trolls and their opinions.
  • I think that part of why I am feeling so down is from the death of baby Lily, it was really hard to spend so much of last week dealing with her death. Hard for me and my family and it still brings me to tears. Her funeral and burial were hard, sad, beautiful and breathtaking all at the same time.
  • The boys handled the long day on Thursday really well and I did not tell any of the other parents to go a fly a kite when they told me how good my kids were. I smiled and nodded and did not share the details of Calvin's last raging tantrum or show them my bruises.
  • I am not doing any Mom work today, I am reading blogs, having a long hot bath and drinking lots of coffee and hoping that the school does not call.
  • We watched the Olympic Hockey game yesterday, I am not much of a fan but I didi not want my kids to be the only ones in this one horse town who did not watch it. It was a good game and kept me on the edge of my seat.... not that I am proud Canadian or anything. The boys got bored once it went into overtime though, they like the idea of watching but really are not to interested in the length of the game.
  • I got a phone call from the school last week and the first words out of the principal's mouth were  "there is no blood" - I am still laughing.
  • The school has finally put some time into making plans to keep other kids safe, thankfully no one has been really hurt. I warned them about his escalating behaviour and they so thought I was bluffing.
  • This post is long enough and I want to go and get some fast food for lunch... just because I can.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I really don't know how some of you double, triple, and more RAD parents do it. I am barely hanging on with one. Many days I lose it entirely with just the one. Thank goodness for school.
I can't get a troll or a stalker, except for across the street. But not on my blog. Sigh. Must not be interesting enough.
So sorry about your friends baby. I can't even imagine.
Enjoy your day!

K said...

So amazed at your strong spirit
You are really doing soooooo much
Hugs and hope you get some respite soon

Shanti said...

big hugs to you. i hope you get a break soon. don't wear yourself down too much--you won't be good to anyone if you do! hugs!

mcl said...

All you need is plane tix, we have the sun! Miss ya

Mom 4 Kids said...

Congrats you have hit the map if you got a troll!

You have a lot on you and you are doing a great job! Hang in there, the sun'll come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar that tomorrowwww there'll be sunnnnnn. Hugs!

Acceptance with Joy said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. It's nice to find a fellow Canadian...

Keep up the courage. RAD is HARD, I know. Few understand!

Laughing at your first commenter... Who needs trolls???

BT said...

I hate hate HATE the sneakiness too. Hate it. Did I say that already?! No amount of talk seems to do anything about it, or works so slowly that it is nearly unobservable change.

Don't know how you do it with two boys double-teaming you! Hang in.

I was like you in not wanting our boys to be the only ones at school the next day not knowing what went on with the hockey game. We already deprive them enough in terms of pop culture. So we tuned in every so often to check on the score and then watched as a family for the last part of the third period and the OT. Very fun! We are not even hockey fans and don't really know the rules very well, and it was still fun.

Thought of you yesterday when I spent the noon hour skating on the rivers over at the Forks. It was a true Manitoba day -- blue sky, brilliant sunshine, not very cold, just crisp, really great ice conditions on the rivers.

Again, hang in.