Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Moments

  • It's MONDAY, they went to school today, yippee for me.
  • Fudge was excited, Calvin was not - not that we knew that or anything.
  • There is a piece of me that is still reeling from last night. Calvin has not been that out of control for that long since last spring. It was really hard and there werea few times I had to walk away and leave him with P even though it is me that he needs to help him regulate. I carried him outside twice because I thought he was going to hurt one of us. I for the first time in a long time thought that I might have to call CAS to come and give us a hand because he was not calming down. He finally did calm down and then after he apoligised he was cheerful and cleaned up his mess and moved on.
  • I really want more kids but after a night like that I wonder how realistic that desire is.
  • I am feeling oh so accomplished as I have already made 2 lasangas, one is for dinner and it is in the oven and as soon as the wash is finished I am taking the other lasagna over to a friends because they have enough going on in their world.
  • I had a friend call and say they were in the area on Saturday, they came over and so I finally threw away the dead plants on the mantle.
  • After well over a week of being dry Fudge wet the bed last night, I wonder why.
  • I am looking very forward to spring, the last week has been beuatiful and although it is cooler today there is no snow and hopefully ( fingers crossed) there will not be anymore.
  • We went to visit one of the boys foster homes ( the one I call club med) on Friday and the boys got to ride the horses. They had a blast and we all had a nice visit. We will go back in the summer to swim in their pool. They don't have any foster kids at the moment so things are pretty quiet there.
  • Friday is the one year anniversary of the boys adoption day. We are going to celebrate with pancakes for breakfast and a small treat. I am thinking of getting them Where the Wild Things Are DVD, there are lots of great love messages in the movie version.
  • Washer is draining, I gotta get out of the house and into the sun, well it is sorta sunny.


Shanti said...

congrats on your 1-year anniversary! so exciting! hope you enjoyed the time while the kiddos were at school!

Lisa said...

Don't you just love the behaviors leading up to anniversaries?

Maybe after Friday things will settle back down.

MomInTheTrench said...

And you're still baking lasagna for a friend! You rock.

BT said...

Oh man, back-to-school and adoption anniversary within a week's span? That will definitely lead to behaviours that make you wonder about adding more kids to the family! Don't let yourself lose sight of how far your beautiful boys have come this past year. You are all doing such great work.