Thursday, April 29, 2010

Learning to be a regular kid is a funny thing

Sometimes attachment is a funny thing.
Sometimes when one child shows they are beginning to attach to you the other child needs to start testing you out too
Fudge is a much tougher egg than any of us any realised.
We now believe that he was much more profoundly affected by neglect that we ever thought.
He has a great spirit though, a strong spirit and I believe with all my heart that he will heal in the all same ways that his brother is healing.
On the way to healing he does stuff like this
that would be make-up on the bathroom wall.
In fact it was all over the bathroom including on the inside of the toilet.
Luckily for him and I, P found it first, cleaned up most of it and then told me.
We giggled, got Fudge up to talk to him about what on earth would make him put makeup all over the bathroom
He said he was drawing with my make-up.
because he wanted to.
Remember older adopted kids often show many regressive behaviours when attaching to their parents.
So I am thrilled to have a child acting like a toddler who draws on my walls with my make-up because it means that he is learning to love us.

PS I think it is a pretty cute face but he willing be washing it off the wall after school.


Megan said...

It is a super cute face! Kind of abstract. Give that boy some more makeup and some paper. Tell him to get to work. Then sell his paintings for million. Use the money to go on vacation- completely and utterly alone!
Glad happy things are happening in your house! Yay for progress!

Little Wonder said...

That's a really good picture to show his healing stage, I think. Look at the boys hollow eyes and sad mouth. Yet he is looking up! Maybe I'm making too much of it.

What else would be like make-up for doing artwork? chalks, pastels, liquid finger paints??? I think he's got talent!

And you can be happy it was makeup and not feces, right?!? LOL

BT said...

Oh, he's such an artist! I agree with you that this is actually a promising sign, and I'm glad he's given it to you.