Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life is never dull around here

I have a post in my head about older child adoption and self esteem but I am soooooo profoundly tired that it is not going to happen tonight. I spent today cutting and moving sod to make the garden bigger and each and every portion of my body hurts, sod is really heavy!

Fudge neglected to tell me that he got in trouble at school today, he claims that he poked another child in the eye for no good reason because he was exhausted. He was exhausted because Calvin raged last night while I was at my meeting and the boys went to bed late 2 nights in a row. But by the time I discovered all of this I was also exhausted and angry that he had lied to me earlier about his day... It was a stellar parenting moment let me tell you.  The end result was that he went to bed at 6:45 and now at 8:26 he has been asleep for almost 2 hours. It may bite me in the ass in the morning but it is all good right now. Calvin has also gone to bed and he can not cause any trouble because Fudge ( his partner in crime) is dead to the world.

I am about to go and have a long hot bath and be thankful that for the first time ever Calvin's school is dealing with bullying in a constructive manner. Clavin raged with P last night because he had been teased by the class bully who teases him every chance he gets. The principal calls this kid "loose lips" and I think it is a good name. Yesterday he teased Calvin about being adopted, (again) Calvin told him off and did not deck him ( yeah Calvin) but he did not tell anyone else and then the pressure built all day and finally he blew at P. It was not pretty and I had to rush home from a meeting for cubs. They worked it all out though by the time I got home and I called the school this morning to tell them about the bullying. They are making loose lips write and essay each time he shoots his mouth off, perhaps he will learn something.

The tub is calling.


Shauna said...

How about they treat 'loose lips' as the bully (terrorist in training - yes, I said it) he is and remove him from the class every time he taunts. It is not a conflict but an attack when kids are allowed to repeatedly treat others this way.

GB's Mom said...

You earned that tub. Yeah Calvin!! Progress, even if it comes with a rage,

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ok, I know you don't want your kids fighting at school, but do you care if I do it? Honestly, how vile to "tease" a kid about being adopted! How about he "jokes" with a veteran about that missing limb.

Mom 4 Kids said...

I hope the tub worked out for you! You are doing an amazing job!

Rose Adoption Journey said...

We are dealing with LYING...not the kind of 15 year old lying where you lie to get out of something..this is the "let me make up such a huges story that it will get a BIG reaction from all the grown ups at school, church and home.." Last evening J came home and told his dad he was "doing steroids" to get "big muscles" and some kids were giving them to him. Then he finally confessed he was lying. The only thing we have going for us is that he would have a HUGE reaction with the meds he is already on IF he were doing it. We have tried to ignore it, our mantra at home is "hope that works out for you" or "too bad for you" or "Im sorry you chose that" but he continues to make bigger and bigger lies to get attention. He already GETS tons of positive attention. I need a hot bath today..maybe I will just take one!!!

You hang in far our school is behind us 100% and has a no tolerance for bullying policy. They suspend even the hint of bullying.

BT said...

Awww, poor Calvin. Verbal bullying is one of the biggest challenges we've faced with our school. Some kids are just so MEAN. I can't believe what they get away with. Our P is a frequent target, and I fear he only tells us a fraction of what he endures. Keep working on convincing Calvin to tell you his woes. This is an ongoing battle with P. We still haven't made very good progress toward airing what's bothering you rather than taking it out nastily on your family members!