Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday Moments on tuesday.

  • Easter is over, here is a recap of Sunday - hunted for eggs (lego filled),went to church, went to friends, ate, found chocolate eggs, ate more, went back to church, went to different friends, ate again, drank wine, convinced P he was going to be the driver, drank more wine, talked with friends, packed up kids, dealt with Calvin having a tantrum, came home, slept.
  • I was exhausted all day yesterday. Then I went outside and cleaned up a flower bed, it gave me energy. I miss gardening in the winter and I am so excited that spring is here and things are growing.
  • I am so happy that Easter is done, there is not another holiday looming until the birthday season starts in late June then it is Calvin, me and P in 4 week span. Not to mention all the other family that has birthdays then too.
  • Questions where asked about the last post so to answer them all in one breath! I am part Ukrainian, we celebrate everything with a lot of food and a lot of tradition. I love doing it and so does P even though he is Irish. The bread is baked is called paska, it is made for christmas and easter and I am getting better at decorating it as the years pass. The eggs are traditional as well and the dyes are layered over one another with hot wax put on in between to keep the colours. The black is the last colour. We are not very good around here and just do it for fun but if you google "pysanka" you will see some amazing art.
  • C found a great article about a study that found higher rates of ADHD and ODD in children adopted as infants. I think you should read it.
  • I am going to Montreal on Thursday with one of my dearest friends to see another friend I have not seen since I got married, actually he was at the wedding - he married us. I am leaving my darling P with his darling sons for the day and since it is a school day I know that they will all be fine.
  • The big city near here, also know as the captial of this country, is starting a Heart Gallery, it will be the first in Canada. I am hoping to go to the launch.
  • I write at Hopeful Parents on Thursday, any one got any topic ideas, I am feeling like I have nothing to say even though I have always have lots of things to say.
  • Here are some pictures from Sunday, I really love the first one.
thoughtful moment

They love to dress up so I found suits for them.

After church with our Easter Basket to be blessed and a friends daughter who needed to be in the picture. 

Working off some of that sugar!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I love the pic on the swing! THat's a happy kid!

You could write about the effect of a change of schedule on children who do not like change. You know, like, most kids love a school vacation and enjoy the break from structure, but our kids fall apart with changes and break from structure. So, even a positive change is still a change and a change is no good. Just a thought.

Shanti said...

great pics! and lego-filled eggs??? what an awesome idea!!

GB's Mom said...

Love your pictures! The boys look great. You could write about holidays in general- the longer I am at this, the more low key and structured my holidays get!

Lisa said...

These pictures made me so happy. :)

J. said...

@ Shanti - yes I fill palstic eggs with a lego set and then give them the instructions ro hide them in the yeard along withthe pieces that will not fit in the eggs.
@Lisa - any time darlin.
@GB and Essie - thanks for the idea, I will see where I get.

Anonymous said...

wonderful pics -- your boys look great!

Joan in PA