Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Moments

  • Thanks for all the support last week, it was a rough week in Mama land but I think things will be better this week, well better today, well at least for the next hour because I am going to the store and I am not taking any short people with me.
  • gluten + lots of white wine + pms = a really bad headache yesterday
  • The boys little brother was here for a barbecue on Saturday along with a another friend and her 2 kids. The boys did really well as the oldest kids and kept the 3 little ones occupied and entertained for the most past. Calvin is still pretty upset that his older sister did not come, I invite her but never heard back from the foster family.
  • It's a long weekend and the boys are home today, the change in routine meant that the morning started off with them trying to kill one another but they seem to of moved on.
  • Calvin worked really hard yesterday to sabotage his good behaviour of the weekend, I was exhausted and it is a really good thing P was home because when I said I was done he took over and I stayed sane.
  • Christine mentioned my post on her blog and I got all this traffic in one day, it was sort of funny to watch all these people turn up here.
  • there are ants eating my all the young plants in the garden and that makes me really mad, they are not going to be in the garden for much longer. I am a Buddhist when it comes to killing animals but ants eating my food is not okay with me, especially after I work as hard as I do to grow it.
  • I planted gerber daisies on the weekend too, that makes me happy.
  • The boys got new kites and we were flying them in the field, Saturdays attempt was not very successful but yesterdays was much better.


GB's Mom said...

I love flying Kites! What fun.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

AAAAaaaaaaargh, I HATE ants. They never used to bother me until we moved into this house. Evidently since they 'say' they were here first, they feel like they can stay forever. Ick!

Shanti said...

i love kites! and poo on the ants--they are such pests!

Lisa said...

I'm a kite lover too. It always makes me happy to see one in the sky. Gerber daisies make me happy too. They never fail to bring a smile to my face.

The ants ate my lantanas this year and it really ticked me off too.