Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't mess with the Mama

P often says to the boys, don't mess with the Mama, it works, they get the point and  stop whatever it is that they are doing, usually talking back. Calvin is finally learning that this phrase can be applied to lots of things, when I say I am going to do something I am going to follow through and I don't really care what you throw at me in the process, you are not going to win. Don't mess with the Mama.

Last night while we were eating supper I looked over at Calvin's still packed lunch bag ( they are supposed to unpack when they get home) and asked him if he had eaten his lunch. He said he had and I believed him (duh), then we rushed around to get ready for cubs. I had meant to ask him to unpack his lunch bag but I got distracted and by the time we got home from cubs I had forgotten all about the lunch bag. I put the boys to bed and then P called out to me from downstairs. Grumbling about having to get up from the chair I finally just sat in I went to the top of the stairs, P. holds up a thermos and says " it's full" we discuss and discover that it is Calvin's.

I was pissed

I don't really care that he did not eat his lunch, I care that he lied to me. Knowing that the boys were not yet asleep and were listening to P and I talk, I went back to their room and informed Calvin that he was busted and he would be having stew for breakfast and left it at that.

He got up this morning, he was happy and loving. We went downstairs and I told him to have a seat at the table and eat his stew.  He ate it without a fuss. Stew is not his favourite meal but I am big believer in eating what you are served  ( I make exceptions for things they really hate but a mild dislike of something means that you are still eating it.). After he finished we calmly discussed what the problem was and he understood that I was more annoyed by the lie than the behaviour and he agreed that there would of been other ways to solve the problem. Then he joined us for breakfast, asked for a bowl of yogurt, I said no, we are having oatmeal, he agreed to have some oatmeal ( also not something he enjoys) as long as it was just a little. He ate it, was in a good mood and went off to school happy as can be.

A year ago these events would have resulted in a tantrum.
A year ago I would of had to fight my way through this with him.
A year ago I would of probably not been able to get him to join us for breakfast because he would still he sitting there with that bowl of food.

Don't mess with the Mama, she doesn't give up because healing comes with not giving up. Some days this is the hardest job in the world, other days are easier, this was an easy morning but the rest of the day may not be!


Lisa said...

Three cheers for the Mama who doesn't give up!!!!

Mama Drama Times Two said...


BT said...

I just read Christine's post (from yesterday) in which she quoted Brenda's "never never never quit." You're like a reinforcement!

I love when you can see progress -- at our house we measure it sort of in 6-month intervals. I don't really let myself look for it in smaller intervals than that, so when we do consider it, there is always observable progress even if we are in a regression at the time of looking for progress. (There is even progress in the regressions!)

Little Wonder said...

I like that---Don't mess with the momma!

Mom 4 Kids said...

You go Mama!

Misty said...

"...because healing comes with not giving up." so good...

but seriously, how do you do it? With every lie (no matter how trivial) that our daughter tells- I feel like i go a little crazier. I just can't handle it...

MomInTheTrench said...

This is a wonderful testament to progress through sheer will! Your will, of course. I'm so happy for you and glad you shared this.