Thursday, June 17, 2010

Questions part 1

BT asked: Are you knitting anything right now? Yes and no, I have a few knitting projects on the go that are not finished, some socks, 2 sweaters and a few other things. I will cast on something to knit over the summer while I watching the boys play at parks and beaches but I have not decided what it will be yet, it will need to be easy and portable. I have no shortage of options or yarn I just need to pick something.

What is your favourite thing that you've ever knitting and why was it your favourite? That is hard to say, here are a few picture of my favourite things though because knitting really needs photos.


A sweater for my niece    My wedding shawl that a friend spun the yarn for.     Another shawl that I love

Norberta the dragon, I knit her twice and my Jeanie stole, I love them both because they look hard but were really easy.
Have you ever knit anything for your sons?

No because I am afraid they will lose it or destroy it.

Essie asked:
What's your favorite color? Why?
Red because red is best

Do you like to knit with that color?
Oddly not really very often but the knitting has been sparse for a long time now, the last big things I knit were in the winter and they were for other people.

Why did you start your blog?
I started blogging long ago when I was overseas and then felt frustrated by the fact that I could not talk openly about how hard it was to parent my kids because everyone in the world knew about my blog, so I started again and did not tell very many IRL friends.

Who is your favorite celebrity?
I don't have one but I do admire Rosie O'Donell because she has amazing courage and says it like it is regardless of what anyone else thinks.

V. asked: I'd love to know how old the boys were when you adopted them.

When we adopted the boys they were 6 and 8 but Calvin has just turned 8 the week before we met him and Fudge turned 7 just 3 months later.

K asked: What has been the best thing about adopting , What has been the worst?
The best thing about adopting is the fabulous children that I have to share my world with and I mean that honestly, I enjoy being a parent most of the time. The worst thing is that other people treated them so badly before they got to me and that I had little sense of just how hard repairing broken children can be. I took the courses, I read books but I did not understand just how hard it was going to be to help them heal and just how very, very long it would take. I don't regret it for a minute but it much different than I ever thought it would be.

Thanks for asking in the first place, I will get the rest of them up soon.


Little Wonder said...

Your work is beautiful! I "learned" to knit with my grandmother when I was about 10....but never got past the single chain thing. Thank you for sharing your family life with us! :D

K- floortime lite mama said...

thank you for your honest and thoughtful answers
You are such a blessing to your kiddos

Mcl said...

Rainbow sweater barely fits little gUy now-- can't quite believe it ever fit Ri!

BT said...

Your knitting is gorgeous!!!

So fun to hear all your answers the the questions. What a great idea.