Saturday, June 19, 2010


That is pretty much all I have to say wtf.

Fudge used to wet the bed, then he stopped, it is a long story that involved sneaking water at bedtime for a long time, getting caught, stopping and then being dry and being very proud of himself for doing it. The rule is nothing to drink for either kid after dinner, we eat 6:30 or sometimes later and then start getting ready for bed so it is not like they are running around and need a drink of water.

Proud is hard feeling for him, it is  up there with successful, also a hard feeling when there is little that you have been successful at in your life.

Well he had to sabotage the success by starting to drink water again at bedtime and then lying about it each and every morning, I engaged him in a bit of a battle each morning knowing full well that he was lying to me and tried to catch him in a lie so he would come clean, it did not work. He had been adamant that was not lying even though the evidence was to the contrary.

Then yesterday morning as he lay in a bed full of pee ( now remember he is able to be dry at night) and I questioned him about the evening before he said that he did not have anything to drink after dinner. I then explained that he must be really sick then because there is no way that there could be that much pee from one small glass of milk at dinner especially since I got him up at 10pm to go to the bathroom. If he was sick he would need to stay home from school today because it is my job to take care of him when he is ill. He started bawling because he would miss his field trip.I did not let up. Finally he said I had a big glass of water right before dinner in the bathroom. Busted. He in theory did not break the rule but he was pretty damn close.

I made a new rule, no drinking after 6pm to get around his behaviour. He broke it last night and in coming clean this morning admitting to lying for the last 8 days, finally! He is in some serious trouble and I am seething mad, it is a good thing P is home because it is giving me the chance to have some space.

We have a fun filled days of supervising chores ahead of us. Calvin is weeding the strawberry patch for me for yesterdays antics ( he decided yesterday that he did not want to do after school and I refused to argue with him so I pushed it to today instead and he was on time in instead) and Fudge is doing one chore for every day that he lied. He is also going to do some writing. We talked about lying earlier in the week and he said he was not lying about drinking at night and he promised that if he was he would write 300 lines about lying. I am not making him write 300 lines but I am making him come up with 25 reasons to tell the truth, a story about what happens when we lie and 25 of the best lies he has told.

There will be no TV at all today and no one will be jumping on the trampoline till they are done their chores.

I love my children and I hate the behaviour that comes with them learning to love us.

As Fudge just carried the laundry out to hang on the line I said, "you are going to be busy today". Without batting an eyelash he said "that's fine I like chores."

I just let him go to hang the laundry, it is his laundry by the way, we don't use the dryer in the summer at all.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well, at least it sounds like a lot of chores will get done!

Integrity Singer said...

sissy did this for a very long time. I finally said, "hey, I'll just keep buying diapers" (she was on a top bunk and I didn't want her pee to soak through and rain on WG)

sissy stopped. after a very long, long battle about no water and her sneaking water and lying about sneaking and ... ugh. it makes me insane.

And yes, I ALWAYS use laundry as a chore for crap that involves anything to do with personal hygiene. She hates it. Good! I don't want her to do something she enjoys, it wouldn't be punishment!

Anonymous said...

You still don't know what the word shame means

Acceptance with Joy said...

Funny thing when I took away the diapers for the twins they immediately stopped peeing in the bed. I only had to have Missy wash her laundry once... and her brother learned by her mistake. You would have thought after all we went through to get them potty trained this would have been difficult. I am grateful. BUT we are still having a little trial with the boy having pee accidents during the day. When he is in public, or he wants to do something he can keep his pants dry. This morning I praised him for having dry pants for 4 days in a row and I promised to take him swimming this afternoon if he could keep them that way until swim time. In less than an hour he was completely soaked.Everyone was completely baffled! but I wonder if he isn't purposely sabotaging his reward...
He cried in dismay, but he accepts the consequence without question. His sister on the other hand knows her unprovoked massive tantrums do not merit a swimming reward but she'll hound me to go swimming anyway and pout and cry after every time I repeat no. Kids can be so weird :-)