Wednesday, July 21, 2010

for another

I have been working on a post all day, on and off all day, it is still not finished and it is not going to be as I need to think more about how to say what I want to say. That and I seem to be getting another cold and I am lucky that my eyes are still open at this point. But I am not posting to tell you that, I am posting because someone needs some love.
As I have been coming and going from the computer all day I have been watching twitter and watching the drama that continues to unfold for Lisa, Mama extraordinaire and blogger. My heart is breaking for her and both her girls. If you have a minute go send her some love, good thoughts or virtual chocolate because she needs it and because the system is still not giving her or her daughter what they need at this point and I can not even begin to imagine how very, very hard it all must be.

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