Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healing is a not a straight line.

Healing is not a straight line. Healing does not always mean moving forwards, sometimes you have to move backward before you can go forward again. My children are healing and I know that things take time,  but oh my patience has been tried this week and I have not dealt with all situations as a therapeutic parent should, there has been much yelling on my part. I regret that but I am not beating myself up over it either because it happens and there is learning that comes from hearing your Mom apologise to you for her choices.

We have had a long week of taking more steps backward than forward. I am hoping that I can find the energy to write a thoughtful post about it tomorrow morning but let`s just say someone has stopped eating, is hiding food, is lying, being sneaky and generally going out of his way to make me angry. Guesses as to who that might b? Someone else is acting as sweet as pie when others around and then turning and ignoring me when we are alone and being defiant and generally acting like a poop. Any guesses as to who that might be? Let me give you a hint it is not P.

That all being said we did have fun at the cottage this week, we enjoyed the lake and the company and aside from some behaviour issues ( that we have brought home with us) both of the boys seem to of had a great time.

I am too tired to say much more than that, the AC is on in my bedroom and that is where I am headed, there is no AC anywhere else in our house  and we are still at the tail end of a heat wave, I think it is officially over but it is still hot.


Integrity Singer said...

yes, I agree wholeheartedly. Our kids need to know that we are not perfect and that they deserve apologies from adults that love them from time to time. In particular those older children that are adopted and have a painful history of abuse from adults that claim to "love" them. That said, it will likely cause RAD behaviors but with the benefit of knowing that some where in their psyches, they are learning that no human will ever be perfect but that GOOD humans know that when they are wrong.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Healing is a curvey journey with a lot of pot holes! You are a great parent!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ha ha, pot holes, LOL!

You are right of course. I know, and have known that for years and yet my dear Genea lulled me in to her recovery a good dozen times. I excel at denial.