Friday, July 23, 2010

House Keeping

Excuse my dust, I need to change things up a bit around here. I loved the last blog template that I had, frankly it made me happy but I could not do anything to it, all positions and such were locked. I needed to make one column bigger and I could not so it had to go. I also really liked the header that I had up before so I have put it back and blogger very nicely started providing a 3 column format that I could play with a bit, so nice of them to FINALLY get that done. So I will be playing around here a bit today as I nurse this cold and try to make it all look pretty again.


H said...

I like the look. You need to update Calvin's age now! He's into double digits! - H

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Love this look - and the photo of Canadian sunset is beautiful. Almost as pretty as Northern Vermont! ;-)