Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Moments

  • the hospital called and cancelled Calvin's biopsy for tomorrow and rescheduled it for the end of September. I am pissed. Now I have to find things to do this week rather than staying home and watching movies with a not very happy small person.
  • 14 days and counting until the most wonderful day of the year arrives at my house. They are going to bus both ways this year which will mean that they leave home at 8:35 and get back at 4:10 - I am already dreaming about what to do with that extra hour each day.
  • It's raining again, I wish it could of rained earlier in the summer when my garden needed it more.
  • I processed 37 liters of roma tomatoes by making them into sauce on Friday, I can hardly wait to eat the sauce.
  • I need to make pesto and freeze beets.
  • I also need to pick all the ripe pumpkins, it is early but they are ripe and so it is time to pick them and freeze them for pie.
  • The ragweed is in full swing around here and it appears as though my lungs think that breathing should be an optional activity.
  • I have to go get a new passport so I can go to Rhinebeck in October. If you are a knitter you know what Rhinebeck is, if you are not a knitter you might not get it but think good friends, amazing fiber, good food and a weekend away from all of my boys.
  • After we go to the passport office I am going to take the boys to the movies, Nanny McPhee Returns I think. I remember when the first one came out and I had to borrow some my friends kids so I could go and see it. That is so not the case anymore
  • One of my friends has just been diagnosed with MS, I feel awful for her and so I am casting on a new shawl, nothing like wrapping yourself it good handknits when you are feeling awful.
  • I have learned that Fudge is not the only one making an Olympic sport of ignoring his Mom.It appears my niece (who lives on the other side of this continent) is doing the same thing but she wins the gold medal this week because ignoring her Mom caused her to break 4 glass bowls, one pottery bowl and one corningware unbreakable dish all in one moment. It was a stellar moment at there house I bet, makes Fudge look angelic lately.
  • okay that is enough rambling for now, gotta go be a parent and such.


Integrity Singer said...

omg, the ignoring mom stuff has gotten Sissy into trouble a lot. The most hysterical ignore-mom moment was at a waterfall that feed the local canal. There's a foot path that leads to the crest of the fall which Sissy decided to step up to. We were all shouting, "Sissy! SISSY! Watch out! Don't FALL!!!!"

She did the classic look up, glare, and do it anyway all while looking you dead in the eye RAD move and swoosh, down she went on her bum, soaked. SOAKED!!! So she cried and shouted at all of us and hollered that it wasn't funny and it wasn't fair and why didn't we tell her ... *roll eyes*

She begged for clean clothes, we had none. She begged to wash up, there was no bathroom. She whined and cried and walked like a road weary cowboy in her soggy, sopping blue jeans and squeaking sneakers and we all just giggled and giggled and snickered at her.

GB's Mom said...

20 minutes from the Rhinebeck Fair ground!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Aw, I bet you were looking forward to the sick-kid-snuggle time!

Counting down for school here too. This year I might really do the shot of tequila.