Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and we're off

And another summer is done! Thank the Lord they are on the bus. School comes with challenges and moments of frustration but I was so done with summer. They were done too, they were missing their friends and the routines at school and I am thrilled that they were excited to go back.

P and I are off this morning to meet with our worker to complete the last piece of our homestudy... the matching inventory. The whole process bugs me because when you have a biological child you can not choose what special needs they may or may not have and although I appreciate why it needs to be done the whole thing is a bit weird.


Diana said...

Enjoy your day, Mama! And yah, I agree that the whole matching thing is just weird...especially since, at least from what I've experienced, they are also only as relaiable as the people on the other half of the matching are honest. If they don't disclose stuff, you may well end up with it anyway, even if it wasn't in your original matching profile.

GB's Mom said...

Love the Mohawk!