Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Moments

  • My kids got in trouble on the bus today. Nothing like seating all the tough kids together so that they can fight it out.
  • I am feeling a little more hopeful... yes just a little. Baby steps.
  • I hate it when I can remember that I made a really yummy soup and I sort of remember what was in it but I don't really remember and then I can not find the recipe. It is this great soup with leftover chicken, cauliflower, curry and chickpeas. I thought was a Rachael Ray recipe but it seems as though I was mistaken.
  • I got to start my week by having breakfast with some of my dearest friends to celebrate a birthday, it was a great start. All weeks should start like that. We went to our favourite breakfast place and we have been going there for 12 years ( on and off as we have all moved around a lot) but it is still there and we still love it and always order the same things.
  • We have cubs tonight, 20 small boys in a gym is really loud.
  • I am working on organizing Fudge's birthday, he is having a lego party. My goal at the moment is to let Fudge make some choices rather than Calvin making them for him.
  • The garden is still keeping me on my toes and it appears as though the pears I bought 10 days ago are finally ripe enough to can.
  • The soup is calling to be finished, gotta go.

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