Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tears and giggles

It was a long day, P arrived home to Fudge crying on the front porch, me crying in the kitchen and Calvin fuming in his room.

I will not bother going into all the details lets just say it was a really long day and as Fudge was arguing with me I told him that I was not his birth mom and that I was sorry that he could not be with her but frankly he needed to treat me with a little respect. He cried, then I cried, then P came home.

We picked up all the pieces with both of the boys and moved on.

At dinner ( which was really late) P says to Fudge in response to some comment he made
" Keep that up and you can be a therapist when you grow -up"
Fudge replies with a straight face, "I don't want to be fat and bald"
P responded as the stellar parent that he is and gave Fudge the finger and then we all burst out laughing, it was a good moment and one that was so needed.

They are in bed and I am offf to get my parents in an hour. It is going to be a long night.


Diana said...

It was a long day at our house too. *big heavy SIGH*. I'll be very happy for bedtime...which is coming up very soon. Good thing the sun will still come up again in the morning.

Lisa said...

You and Fudge crying together = priceless moment. (I am sorry that you cried but those moments don't happen often).

Hoping some of the crazy leaves so you can enjoy the visit with your parents.

BT said...

Oh boy. Those days when you get to experience every single one of the big emotions are so exhausting. Hope things will become a little more stable for you soon.

Integrity Singer said...

i didn't want to be fat and bald either and yet ...

female pattern baldness sucks EGGS, btw