Friday, October 1, 2010

just writing.

It's 1:30 on a Friday, a Friday in which both of my kids are home from school. One is in his room writing letters of apology for repeatedly losing his temper and one is outside hanging laundry on the line. Would you like to take any guesses as to who is doing what.

We has a really great first part of the week, things were going smoothly, to smoothly and then yesterday all hell broke lose. Fudge wet through his pull up and swore up and down that he had nothing to drink and Calvin lost it at school over little things. He overreacted, they handled it poorly because no one  there talks to one another and so now he is in trouble here and there. He is supposed to be writing letters of apology to a variety of people and rather than get it done he is playing all sorts of control games. It is going to be a long day.

In brighter news I found some great flooring on sale today that to replace the kitchen floor that was damaged when a pipe in our wall broke. Yes a connection actually broke in the wall and we now need to replace the kitchen floor. The good news is that my parents are coming to visit for 2 weeks and my Dad can help me put it in which means that we can spend more money on the floor and less money on labor. I am crossing my fingers that we get enough money from the insurance to not have to spend any of our highly coveted pennies.

We are going to cub camp this weekend. Fudge will have fun, Calvin will not as he is in trouble for his behaviour and will spend the weekend on arms reach and since I do the cooking he will miss out on a lot. I  must say that I am not at all surprised at his behaviour at school, he is testing the staff out and so far he is getting away with murder so to speak. The great student support worker who was there last year is gone and the one who is there this year had little training and less skill. It might be a long year. There will be a lot of missed school over the next 2 weeks though and that will help immensely I think.

So that's it, just moving along as though all of this is completely normal, well it is around here, what kind of week would it be if my children did not repeatedly attempt to control everyone and everything around them.

I have been waiting for the laundry fairy to come, she never showed. I guess I must get the laundry out of the office so my parents can sleep in it starting on Tuesday.

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