Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Moments - rambling and great stuff I have read this week

  • Calvin was clearly thrown off by Fudge's behaviour last week and he has taken some huge steps backwards. He is lying and sneaking and generally being a pill.
  • The time change caused some misbehaviour in the early morning hours, laps were run to get rid of all that extra energy.
  • I have a very loud motion detector to install in the stairway that is controlled with a code so I can arm and disarm it as I see fit. I hope the cat does not set it off.
  • Fudge has discovered that he can away with nothing at school, if the teachers don't tell me his friends tattle on him.
  • That being said he was back to his cheerful self this morning so hopefully it will be a good week.
  • Someone at church invited us to a birthday party yesterday, in front of the boys, the boys were mad when we said no thank you. I will not go to a party with 2 hours of notice, sorry that your guests bailed but no thanks.
  • My gig as a lunch supervisor at the school has been extended till Jan. I have mixed feelings about it.
  • I have started making perogies for our Christmas party in early December, it is all for charity and it a great time but it is also an insanely crazy day that I look forward with equal amounts of excitement and apprehension.
  • There are some really great discussions going on about the lack of adoption reform in Ontario and the need for it. I have been meaning to write a post about how I feel about it but it has not happened yet.
  • Have you seen this blog post about letting children be children rather than conform to societies gender stereo-types. I am all for boys dressing up as whatever they want to whenever they want to.
  • There was also a great piece this week about acceptance and the lack of acceptance for coming out as gay. It has a video embedded from It Gets Better, if you have not been there yet go and see because they are doing great things.
  • Support for Special Needs is having a huge toy giveaway over the next few weeks, go become a member and enter!


GB's Mom said...

Glad he was back to his cheerful self this morning and hoping for a good week :)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

We are having a massive, unprecedented regression over here, so I am with you! Arghhhhh!