Thursday, December 9, 2010

It gets better

Remember how I said awhile back it gets better, be hopeful. Can I take that statement back now please. It was better for a long time with Calvin and then it all got too good and he has spent the last 10 days in downward spiral. There are no shortage of triggers or reasons but knowing that is not making if any easier to deal with.

Tonight I am taking deep breaths after long evening of trying to calm a raging bull trapped in tiny pen. He calmed eventually and the came into my room and took the last of the candy i left out to test him. I am not sure shat I am going to do at point, I have been told handcuffs would not be a good choice.

In brighter news because Calvin is doing so crappy Fudge is being angelic. Gotta find the good after a night like this! I will fill you in more completlely when I am less exhausted

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waldenbunch said...

My youngest two have been on the same seesaw as yours for several years. Gets old fast. Now one is healing by leaps and bounds and the other one is so stuck and so empty it's frightening. Hang in there.