Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Moments

  • It's 7am and I am up and getting ready for the day. I am going back to the classroom this fine winter morning as a substitute. I hate subbing, we need the money, I need to go to Orlando ( yes need to go, not want, not desire, need) and I can make more money subbing 2 days a week than I could if I got a retail job and worked everyday.
  • Speaking of Orlando, Corey posted that there are 2 spots still if you want to come, one of them is the humble room I will be in... it is a quad but hell I would sleep int he bathtub if I had to, the info is here if you want to come.
  • Calvin is not looking forward to going back to school, Fudge can hardly wait.
  • We had a fun weekend, after last weeks tantrums, including one or six on Friday Calvin pulled it together and had a really good weekend.
  • I took the boys back to the local pool on Saturday afternoon and they had a great time, I enjoyed chasing them around the pool and they enjoyed being chased. They managed to get through the whole event appropriately which means that I will take them back. It has been almost a year since we went because last time was a disaster.
  • I am hoping that Calvin does not get kicked off the bus again, it will throw a wrench in my plans to work 2 days a week if he does.
  • I am looking forward to some time with friends this week and I am planning on keeping the boys home Friday so that when friend comes over to help me paint and has her kids in tow mine can entertain them.
  • I am moving the office out of the guest room so we can move Calvin into it if his night time escapades continue.
  • I am feeling a little more hopeful now that Calvin seems to be back to the healing boy I know and love rather than the wango tango boy ( I really need to remind you that Essie coined that term)
  • I have to wake up the boys in 14 minutes and then get us all out door by 8:30 so I really should hit publish and get dressed because although my pj's are fit to be seen in public I do not think it would go over very well if I wore them to a school and tried to teach in them.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Keep the wango tango away!!!

Good luck with the subbing, I hope it goes well. I give you a lot of credit, it's a hard thing to do!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Soooo happy to hear you are going to Orlando.

Integrity Singer said...

from first hand experience, it was tough sacrificing half of our living room to make Sissy's safe room but worth it. Knowing that I'm keeping everyone else safe is worth the space shortage

The Waggoners said...

NEEDING Orlando too! Can't wait to escape away with you and get to know you :-)