Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Moments

  • The sun has long since gone to bed and I am in my bed typing because I did not want to miss a Monday, I always blog on Mondays, even if it is a sad and tired post that says nothing of value.
  • I might think of something useful or witty to say.
  • I might not.
  • Fudge got mad at Calvin for blocking him from making a goal while they were playing hockey and hit him with the stick. Correct me if I am wrong but last time I checked the rules of hockey said that the point of the game was to stop the other team from making a goal.
  • I punished ( actually we both did) my children yesterday for something they did not do. They learned about truth telling and how sometimes you get in trouble because no one believes you because usually you are lying and if you were more honest you would not end up in these situations.
  • If I had the time to figure out the math I would tell you how many hours till Orlando but we are at 31 days.
  • Not that I am counting or anything.
  • I did laundry today, it's folded but not put away, I really should put it away.
  • I also baked muffins, I rarely bake even though I love it. I rarely bake because I only eaten gluten free and baking gluten free for all of us is to expensive.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to learn to that as a substitute teacher I am make $40 more per day than I thought I was.
  • I have nothing else to tell you so I am turning off this screen and going to bed.


:)De said...

so what was their response to the punishment?

Acceptance with Joy said...

:-) Buster told me the truth today (or so I think) and I didn't believe him. I let it go... but I told him that if he was truthful all the time we wouldn't get into such pickles as this.

It's always a puzzle.

Penelope said...

Is gluten-free really all that?

Shauna said...

You have let them watch the real thing....