Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Moments

  • I have spent much of the day in a fog due to sleep deprivation. Calvin has not slept well 2 night in a row and last night I was busy worrying about him and I did not sleep much as a result.
  • He is not better, in fact in some ways he is worse. We are going to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning. I called this morning and there was not way they could fit us in today so we stayed home and I attempted to keep him quiet, not an easy task with him. He is bored and whiny and grouchy and BORED.
  • The nurse I spoke to today tried to give me some strategies for helping him get through another day at home, it was cute, she meant well but she clearly does have a child like mine.
  • I am prepared for the fact that I will spend all day tomorrow at the hospital and that our visit could turn into a stay.
  • I would really like for them to figure this out sooner rather than later because this is really hard on all of us.
  • I did not get nearly as much done today as I wanted to because I was busy trying to talk to doctors and nurses and teachers AND I had a nap, I needed a nap.
  • Calvin destroyed a portion of the stuffy I got him for valentines day, I was disappointed but I got over it and forgave him and then sewed it up.  It was a cross between, did it on purpose and did not realise that if I cut the collar off it would put a hole in the stuffy. My kids are still all about stuffies and I am happy to feed their habit since they play with them all the time.
  • We have cubs tonight and are going sledding and poor C will have to sit in the van while we do because he can't sled and P works late on Mondays.
  • I have dishes that must be done so that we have someting to eat off tonight so that is where I am off too.


GB's Mom said...

Praying for healing for him and sleep for you.

Lisa said...

Hoping you get answers that have solutions today.


Sarah said...

aww! I hope he feels better and you all get some rest very soon!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

paper plates.

Celeste said...

Sorry to hear it's not fixed. Couple of thoughts - pack as if you'll spend the night, it's easier to arm twist the drs that way as their threat is gone. 2) write every damn thing down (so you can pull out your notes which they're ruffling through theirs) 3) pack some good brinlbes - there's some good Itouch movies you can prelude now.

But I can only laugh at the sleep complaints sunshine, G's been up at least twice a night since Sept, in pain, and for extra fun he wakes up his sister!

We're thinking good thoughts for you n

BT said...

Thinking of you all.

Penelope said...

I hate all the waiting At the hospital. Praying that you find answers for Calvins hip.