Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Moments

  • It's March Break - nough said.
  • I was thinking about going somewhere for a night or two and then the basement flooded and we did not get it pumped in time and then the new furnace stopped working which was totally our fault and thus will need to be fixed... there for I will not going anywhere this week but I will take the boys to the big city and do some fun stuff but not today because we are waiting for the furnace to be fixed.
  • I have a movie to bribe them with later when they start to drive me crazy.
  • Calvin has been pretty disregulated since I got back but that is a whole different post.
  • Fudge is peeing his pants on a daily basis.Again. I did invite him to drink a glass of water last night at bedtime and told him that I would be fine with, guess what, his bed was dry this morning. Daytime is a different story though and as I type though he is parked nice and close to the bathroom with a stack of books to read because he claims that he is not making it because the bathroom is to far away. Natural consequences suck.
  • I think that I might be getting a cold, either that or I am allergic to my house, perhaps that is a sign that I should vacuum or something.
  • I am missing Orlando. I have more to say about it but I am not sure how to write it.
  • I really am serious about doing something near Toronto, if you are from around there and have any suggestions as to where let me know. I have looked but most things that are suitable are a little to far away.
  • A number of people said that they would be interested and I know that there are more people out there, if you are from this end of the country feel free to spread the word.
  • I have hungry children, I guess I should go and feed them, no one is going to cheer for me or thank me though, well they might thank me but only after they complain about the fact that it is leftovers


Kelley said...

I am missing you and the way you made me laugh. You are one amazing chicka girlfriend! Dynamite comes in small packages - isn't that what they say. I'm so blessed to have met you and can't wait to see you next year. How are your toes?

mom2spiritedboy said...

For the retreat (or whatever you are calling it) I think the trick for affordability will be to get outside Toronto (and even what is considered the GTA) and either stay East of Toronto or a place like this

Sarah said...

I will cheer for you from here!!! Believe me, I know how hard it is to get up and make dinner some days! (I am having one of those days here too.)