Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Moments

  • I went to Toronto yesterday for 2.5 hours. I arrived at at 10:30 and left by 1pm, it was a long day.
  • I drove all the way to Toronto to go the to Adoption Resource Exchange which is put on twice a year in attempt to match children and families together. It is photos and workers, no kids. It is heart breaking to go, it is hard to see so many people crowded around the tables that have babies available while those who only have older children sit idle.
  • I have mixed feelings about the process but if it means we get matched with more kids than I guess it is worth it.I know that the process does work and that it does help match kids up with waiting families.
  • I got to meet and talk to Noelle from Adopt Ontario and that was great. It is always nice to meet people who get it and who understand our desire for more kids.
  • I came home to a full blown Wango Tango from Calvin, we talked before I left, I promised him I would be home in time for dinner and he would be ok with his Dad but it did not help. He did not hold it together, he raged and assaulted P. It was not pretty. Once I got home and read him the riot act as calmly as I could (considering what had happened) we talked through his choices and he apologised to Dad and to Fudge.
  • His choices in my absence sucked but once I was back he managed to pick up the pieces which a huge step forward for him.
  • Calvin no longer owns any belts. He will also be vacuuming his fathers car on Saturday morning.
  • Calvin and I are heading back to the Children's Hospital today, hopefully we get him some better pain medication because the poor kids body hurts all the time.
  • I bought 3 new attachment parenting books yesterday, I would tell you about them but I am to lazy to get up and go get them from the bedroom so that I can get the titles correct. You will have to wait.
  • My cellar is flooding, again. I have turned the furnace off altogether in attempt to save a us few hundred bucks when it gets wet. The pump is worth it's weight in gold today, let's hope it does not die while I am not here for the whole day.
  • And for the those of you who have been asking, my BIL is slowly getting better, it will be a long, long road and although he is not out of the woods we are cautiously optimistic.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Let us know about the attachment books, I'm interested in anything that might help us out.

Sorry poor Calvin is having such a rough time!

:)De said...

I am glad to hear some progress on your brother in law. Such a scary and emotional trek.

I remember the days of going to Adoption Fairs, but the few that I went to, the children were there. It was a terrible scene in my opinion as the adults were told not to let children know they were looking for kids, but you could tell that the children, especially the older ones, knew what was going on and tried to present their best foot forward.

Hope the docs can get Calvin's pain mananged better.


GB's Mom said...

Attachment books are good-can't wait to hear about them. Calvin's pain sucks- I have a bone disease and have dealt with chronic pain issues since I was eight. It still sucks. I hope the doctors can prevent further joint damage and help the pain. Miss you.

Integrity Singer said...

love to you dear. xxoo