Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Moments

  • I have spent the last number of days in the yard or the garden, I am past tired and really, really dirty. 
  • We are working on emptying the freezer of the last of the veggies and such from last year, that meant we had turkey for dinner and strawberry rhubarb crisp. We are trying to use last years rhubarb up as we are already putting this year's in the freezer. 
  • Our asparagus is about done for the year, sad but true. 
  • It was a holiday today, I am looking forward to school tomorrow, not for me, for the short people.
  •  I have therapy for me and oh it has been to long since I was last there. I love my therapist, well not love but value her place in my world and the perspective she provides in all this craziness. 
  • Sadly it is only a 3 day week for the boys which mean they are home on Friday to. Whose brilliant idea was that. 
  • My dog is snoring really loudly, it is annoying me. 
  • Calvin is pushing my buttons today, I have PMS, there were some not pretty Mommy moments. 
  • Actually it is not PMS anymore, I am just crampy and bitchy and come to think of it some of those not pretty moments were Fudge's
  • I need a hot bath with some muscle soak, ASAP. 
  • If you did not see my last post the wonderful Lisa is raising money for a friend in need and is giving away great prizes. 
  • Corey is also raising money for Orlando scholarships, that's a really good cause to so if you have some pennies laying around go see what she is planning. Christine is also in on it. 
  • If you are thinking about Orlando this year then watch Corey's blog for details.  Registration begins June 1 and I imagine that it is going to fill up fast. If you think that you might want to go but are not sure about how it is all going to come together than you are not alone. I would suggest you cough up the pennies to save yourself a spot and hope that it all works out. That's my plan, although there is also a bit of  - come hell or hight water I am going - in my planning 
  • Hey can you here that, shhh, listen closely, yes you can hear the dog snoring and the tub calling my name, see ya., 


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

My cat snores. Also my husband. The tub is your business, lol.

Sarah said...

Hey, I'm Sarah! I thought I would introduce myself. I'm from Ontario - hubby and I are currently waiting to be matched up with a child. We are adopting through CAS. I'm your newest follower!

:)De said...

Hope you had a good soak. I love the idea of taking a nice hot bath, but cannot stand to sit in bath water. Thanks for stopping over. I am so glad to be on summer break for a couple of weeks.