Thursday, September 10, 2009


We are at day 3 of school and last night brought us our first tantrum of the post-school-starting tantrum season. I can now mark with Calvin when tantrums will occur. They are always there as he anticipates or stresses about what is to come and then we get a day or 2 of calm and then there is the fallout from the stress he was anticpiating happening or not happening. It is a cycle, I it coming but I can't really stop it.

Yesterday it started with some controlling behaviours toward Fudge and I, (P was working late) and then it escalated into a tantrum at the table. He concluding the evening by putting a hole in the wall ( already was a dent, now it's a hole) The fact that I don't react to his screaming really gets him going, last night he worked really hard and was rather annoyed when he was not successful . It's taken a long itme but I think that I have finally learned how to manage his rages, it doesn't always work but then nothing does with him.

What a difference a year makes, last year and this time I was barely keeping myself standing letting alone predicting how or when a tantrum may occur.

I have been in touch with his teachers, they assure me that he is fine so far - we are 2 days in. I told them about honeymoons but I do not think that they believe me.

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