Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's a bright sunny day here in the middle of the great white north, well it's not white yet but it will be soon enough. I am sitting outside watching Calvin do some chores to make up for the hole he put in out bathroom wall the other day. Yes, his first hole in the drywall, perhaps I should be happy that it took this long : )

small aside
Oh my goodness, some geese just flew over my head and they were so low I could actually hear there wings flapping, it was so cool. They all flapped at the same time and it was this really great whirring noise.
ok, back to my post

Not that I really have anything to say. I am at this very moment watching Calvin try to sabatoge his chores so that he can get out of them, to bad it won't work around here. He is taking one step with the wheelbarrow and stopping  all of a sudden he is unable to operate it when he has been using it all summer with no problems.

He got in trouble at school a couple of times this week and we are starting to see more fallout at home, I have a feeling it is going to be a long few months.

On the other Fudge is doing well but I am already noticing that his memory and comprehension gaps are getting bigger as the work gets harder and more complex. I hope that his FASD assessment happens sooner rather than later. He tries so hard and wants to remember but he really can't.

I am off to can some pears and applesauce, Calvin is almost done.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for letting me know! Glad to be here.