Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all been done before...

• Really it has, this back to school honeymoon has been done before and yet the school still does not believe me when I tell them that it is just that, a honeymoon.
• The horrible Monday back in the routine type behaviour to try to drive me over the edge. They succeeded yesterday; I was really tired of the constant arguing and back talk.
• The all of sudden forgetting how to make it to the bathroom in time as result of me going away with a friend for 24 hours.
• The last minute decision by Calvin that he now hates oatmeal and the attempt to sabotage the whole morning with a tantrum to remind us that he is in charge.
• The level of exhaustion that I feel at this moment.
• The impending arrival of Fall and the work that goes along with it.
• The waiting for windows and the new dryer to be delivered long after they said that they would be here.
• Being disorganized for Fudge's upcoming birthday

See none of them are new things, they all happen all the time and yet it seems as though each time they do I get weighed down by their arrival, like it is some big new thing and yet it is just more of the same old thing.

I think another latte will help.

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