Thursday, September 17, 2009

more drama

So we are almost finished week 2 of school and although they have not called me again to tell me how wonderfully my son is behaving - I know that he is not thought because I am starting to see more and more stressful behaviours at home. He is up to his little tricks again, drawing on furniture, lying and yelling at me for not believing the lies - so stuff at school is stressing him and I would really like to be proactive this year and put some solid plans in place before he self destructs there too.

Fudge on the other hand is loving school and is basking in the glory of not having to deal with his brother on the yard. ( his school is k-3 and Calvin's in 4-6) He is doing okay but someone told him he was stupid last week and we picked up the pieces from that all weekend. He was a wreck and cried for 3 hours on Saturday morning. I am also starting to notice more gaps in his memory and processing of information. I am not sure if they are getting to be more prevalent or if
I am just paying closer attention to them. He had a meltdown this morning because he had not packed his bag and so I suggested that he head to school without it. He was angry at me for teasing him but he still didn't pack his bag... it was a long morning.
I am heading off in the morning for a much needed break with some girlfriends, we are heading to the big city to play for 24 hours and then I will turn around and come back. It will be a long drive but it is so worth it!
And as if there wasn't enough going on, I got to chase this little guy out of my house this week, he has friends though who are not so interested in leaving.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Yikes- scary to have things living in your house that are uninvited. I love your blog title!