Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The stellar parenting moments have been abundant around this week. We are all sick, again, and my patience was left by the side of the road about a week ago.

 It was Fudge's birthday on Monday (Canandian thanksgiving) and thus the whole weekend ended being all about Fudge, great for Fudge, sucky for Calvin. Fudge did really well even though all of our routines were thrown off and he had way more sugar than he usally gets*. Calvin did really well with a few reminders until Monday morning when he decided that he had enough of all this and it was time for him to spice things up a bit.

I was sick, tired and trying to get a turkey in the oven and Calvin could not leave Fudge alone, he fought with him, he bit him, he threw marbles, he cried about how unfair his life was and how horrible it all is. I comforted, I made all the appropriate clucking noises, I held him while he cried. Then he went back to the playroom and started throwing marbles again - I lost it. After much yelling and arguing I finally sent them both to sit in other rooms while I composed myself.

I apoligised for losing my temper, I really lost it and explained to Calvin how he was trying really hard to make things bad, we all knew that. It needed to stop and then and there and he said it would. I had to rush out the door to pick up friends for dinner and I left them with P writing lines - I know that rules are important and I will do my best to follow them and throwing marbles in the house is not safe, I will not do it again.

I came back and hour later to Calvin in full melt down mode, table cloth off the table, stuff thrown about, an angry P and an angry Calvin. He had a full blown tantrum while I was gone and was now sitting at table angry. He was escorted to his room ( which now had zero toys in it, just books) to finish his lines and told that he needed to apoligise to his father and his brother. It took him all afternoon to get it done.

The rest of us played operation and listened to music,stuff Fudge likes in an attempt to salvage the day for him. I just know that this is going to be one of those things that is going to be brought up at a family meal in 20 years - Remember my 8th birthday when Mom screamed her head off at us for throwing marbles...

Fudge is still muttering about how Calvin ruined his birthday. It is going to be a long week, P is going aways for 4 days tomorrow and I am not looking forward to flying solo for that many days at this time of year because we have a trauma anniversary coming up this weekend and although neither of them remembers the exact date they both associate it with Fudge's birthday. Things are going to get rocky around here.

I think that I will be visiting the coping store and stocking up on a little vino to get me through the weekend.

* We had a great video game party on Saturday, 8 boys + a Wii, make your own pizza + Wii remote cakes + video themed candy and loot = happy Fudge. There are reasons we have no video games and limited screen time in this house, it makes having it such a treat.


Lisa said...

Up to our eyeballs in trauma anniversary. Are you seeing a pattern here? It sure does seem like a lot of us are going through this.

Together we'll all get through it.

Shauna said...

Wanna come in and have some 'city distractions' this weekend?!

K said...

Happy happy birthday Fudge
Sounds busy and exhausting but fun

K said...

Is that your picture ? you look so cute !!!

J. said...

no k the cute one is Fudge