Friday, October 16, 2009

They will heal!

I just put sad and sick little boys to bed, yes sad and sick! Yippee. You know that you parent broken kids when you cheer when they are sad, sad and sick is amazing at the same time.

They had a visit with there little brother tonight, their sister was supposed to come to but she is 12 and made a choice to go to a school dance instead. Her choice to make but her brothers missed her. Calvin missed her more than Fudge or E. did.

E came with his adoptive Mom, H. it is all a long complicated story that is not mine to tell but H had all 3 of the boys for just over a year, E is now 3 and we see him about once every 6 weeks for a play. It works well, his Mom and I have become friends and we enjoy visiting while the boys get a chance to see one another.T. is always invited as well but things are more complicated with her and since I told the boys the truth they are missing her and sad to say by to their brother and H. as well.

That being said they both CRIED and told me what was up ( with a little prompting for Calvin cause he went for behaviour first). They went to bed with some hugs, cuddles and cold medicine cause they both have the same cold I have had all week. We talked about all the people we love who we don't get to see everyday and neither of them brought up bio mom, a first for them.

It is a hard balance to strike, seeing people often enough but not too often... we are working on figuring it out. I am off to have a little wine before I head to bed myself, the kitchen can wait unitl morning, it's not like the dishes are going anywhere!


Lisa said...

What a gift! See...only a fellow RAD mom would be so excited over this info. Sharing your joy!

Shauna said...

Good job Mom!