Saturday, November 14, 2009

guess who, a guessing game

Guess who made the mistake of saying that she was going out tonight?
Guess who didn't "make it" to the bathroom in time and who ripped his pants?
Guess who destroyed his brothers stuff?
Guess who spent well over an hour crying and trying to engage a parent, any parent in a battle?
Guess who could not remember why he was in trouble?
Guess who finally thought of some restitution to make up for the ripped clother ( and all that resulted) and is now acting as though we pumped him full of speed?
Guess who should of kept her big ol' cake hole closed this morning!

This game has been brought to you by the letters S and M and the number 3 - I am off to knit!


Shauna said...

Hmm... it's a challenge...

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Knitting is such good therapy...though I am not sure how I'll manage knitting this winter with an armful of baby...hmmm.

K said...

love your sense of humor in the trying times