Thursday, November 12, 2009

just when I think

We are doing so well, I am calm, I have a had a long stressful day but the boys are being good and life is proceeding. Calvin and I are working on his Sea Otter project ( that was due today, bad mama) after dinner. I am helping him out by typing it out for him and printing maps and a picture of an otter we saw while in Victoria. I leave the table to ge the stuff that is printing in the office and come back and he has ruined the stuff I printed that he ws supposed to being colouring in,  big black colouring on it when I clearly told him to do it in a light colour, yellow or orange I said so that eveyone can see it easily. He said he liked black better - yeah mom and  know best which is what he was really saying and stop helping me/loving me - because why would anyone actually want to see the picture, they would only want to see big black marker colouring.

Now he is down at the table crying ( which is so much better than raging) because I have taken away the stuff that I helped with and just left him with the parts he did himself. I guess I should go and talk him through this one... like I ssaid at least he is crying and not raging. I don't think I can do raging this week. Off to fix his errors in judgement.

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Lisa said...

Oh so happy he's not raging but dang sorry he decided to mess it up. Guess things were going to well????