Saturday, November 21, 2009

what on earth where they thinking, or not thinking...

What would possess a plumber when adding plumbing to a very old house (1837 or so) to not do it properly... To create a long drain pipe that was just hanging in midair so that over time that drain pipe for the kitchen sink, shower and bathroom sink would work it's way loose and drain into the cellar! I would find it after the smell in the kitchen really started to bug me and I had looked every where for the source ( remember really old house), finally going into the cellar because last time there was a smell like that there was a dead mouse in the furnace filter. I wish it had just been a mouse, we fixed the pipe for now but a more long term solution needs to be found, thank goodness the cellar has a dirt floor.

Yesterday was a PD day and the monkeys where home all day, we had a pretty good day, no serious meltdowns and only a few tears where shed. It was movie night so we had pizza, watched the Princess Bride ( my choice!) and around 8:40 they were tucked into bed. I sat in the office to make sure they were settled by 9:40 Calvin was still tossing, turning and not anywhere close to going to sleep. I went in to pulled him out to run some laps which is the " I am serious it is time to sleep" strategy and it usually works. As we got downstairs he announced it was cause Fudge was spitting on him... what!

To make a long story short, Fudge was leaning out of the top bunk and spitting on Calvin because Calvin asked him to be quiet and settle down. What makes a child think that an appropriate response to that would be to lean over and start spitting at someone - I so don't get the steps there.

Fudge is moving back to the bottom bunk and if that doesn't work I am taking the bunkbeds down and they will have 2 beds as far apart as possible!


Lisa said...

Brotherly love is oh so sweet.

Maybe not so much.... ;)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

aw ewwwwww!