Thursday, January 28, 2010

le sigh

Calvin got in trouble at school yesterday for hitting a girl who was teasing him. He told her to stop, she didn't he whacked her with a bucket. Then she sent another kid over to tell him the teacher wanted him ( the teacher didn't even know about the incident yet), he told the girl to leave him alone, she ignored him and said it again, he hit her too. When I picked him up at the end of the day he came clean and told me the whole story without prompting and served his time in detention this morning at school.

I was at the school this morning and had a talk with his teacher, she totally got the situation and did not blame him for hitting the other kid at all, she was being a bully.  He was fine until the end of the day when the other kids on his team in gym were not playing by the "rules" ( he is a bit like that when it comes to rules, they keep things ordered after all) and when they got back to the class he hid under a desk. The other kids would not leave him alone, he got more and more angry then he came out from under the desk and starting throwing everyones shoes off their desks and on to the floor... the teacher got the other kids out. She came back and sent him to cool off in the office ( he has never raged like that at school before). By the time I got there and talked to the teacher he was calm, he apologised to her and picked up the mess he made but not before he hid on me - he likes to hid - we came home and then he hit his brother.

We talked it out, there does not seem to be any one reason, nothing profound at school but lots of little things. Usually once he and I sit down to cuddle and talk I get all sorts of information but not today and I can not quiet figure it out. He has also been complaining about having heartburn like pains which leads me to believe that he is pretty stressed as well but I can not put finger on what it might be that is making him feel so overwhelmed.

I am tired, I have really bad headache and P is working late... but they are playing outside right now, thank God we live in the country.

Sometimes I wish I could just make it all better for him, the life he has had creates a whole lot of issues for a 9 year old to work through.

Damn it, they just came in and are soaked - they keep trying to do things like swim in the puddles that are left over from the rain the other day - I so do not have the patience for this at this moment. I need some chocolate.


Lisa said...

Wishing you lots of chocolate and sending you a hug.


Mom 4 Kids said...

Yes chocolate and lots of it! Your guy sounds so much like my Mr. Those kids at school don't sound too nice.

Here is another hug to go with Lisa's. (((((((J)))))))

BT said...

Any chance you could be looking at an approaching trauma anniversary or two?

Also, I noticed last night when looking at the calendar that we're approaching full moon.