Friday, January 29, 2010

perhaps thinking before tattling would be a plan

So last Sunday the boys came in and Calvin was shouting about how Fudge had been in the barn and jumping out the barn doors into the barn yard which is about 12 feet up. They are forbidden to go into the barn but they do and it is sort of hard to police unless we are standing outside and it is winter and we live in Canada and it is cold, except last week when it rained but it is usually cold and I do not want to be outside when it is cold.

So Calvin is going on about Fudge and then Fudge come in and says – you jumped too! And so we start the interrogation. As it turns out both boys had been in the barn jumping out the window and then Calvin decided Fudge should play a joke on us and pretend that he was hurt so they both headed back to the house with this plan to play a joke on us that Fudge was hurt… except that they are not allowed in the barn and before they could pretend that Fudge was hurt they were busted. But just wait gets better.

So Calvin starts trying to explain himself out of trouble but starts lying and then Fudge gets involved and says but you told me to jump out the doors and you told me to go in the barn. To save you the pain that is interrogating out children I will get to the actual story that we finally pieced together after about 20 minutes of back and forthing between the children.

Fudge put snow down Calvin’s back

Calvin was mad and told Fudge to go to the barn

Calvin followed Fudge to the barn and told him to jump out the doors – he knew it would get Fudge in trouble

Calvin jumped out after Fudge and they decided this was fun, it appears they did it a few more times and at some point they decided to try to jump on to the sleds that they put in the barn yard under the doors. There were few details offered because they knew that there would be more trouble.

They hatched the plan to play a joke on us and headed inside with this crazy story.

After we managed to get the whole story out we assigned some tasks…

Since Fudge was so interested in putting snow down his brothers back we had him hold an ice cube till it melted and put one down his back as well. I think he realizes that snow is cold and being cold and wet is not fun. ( this would be a stellar moment)

Since Calvin thought it was a such a good idea to break the rules and then lie to get his brother in trouble he got to write lines – 100 “ It is not a good idea to break the rules” He may of learned a lesson for a day or 2 but it will not be long until he tries to get his brother in trouble again.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

We have had a heinous time with lying/ sneaking/ b.s.-ing around here this weekend.
Love the ice cube bit, that really is stellar!