Friday, January 8, 2010

train wreck

Calvin has been struggling this past 10 days or so, really struggling for all sorts of reasons but mostly because he is attaching and he loves us now. Yippee!!! But loving us terrifies him and so he is constantly trying to make sure that I mean what I say. He pushes me every moment of every day lately

He was angry at me at therapy yesterday for talking about his sister and what she said on boxing day, mad enough that he left the room, hid in another room and would not come out. I took a deep breath ( or 10) , gave him some choices and repeated them until he finally choose to sit down and have me hold him for a few minutes while he pulled his emotions together. It was a huge step for him but I can't help feeling like I am watching a train crash, I see it coming, I move out of the way and try to keep everyone safe but the train still crashes and then the pieces still have to be picked up.

It's a long journey helping traumatized children heal.

PS I am at Hopeful Parents today, well I will be as soon as I get the post finished.

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Lisa said...

Yippee on the attaching. Hugs on the transition.