Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Moments

  • Calvin is home again today, working in workbooks across the table from me. After Fridays events he pulled it together for Saturday and then on Sunday at church slapped a child in the face for getting to close and not folowing the rules during a mini sticks hockey game. Clearly he is having a hard time. He raged at us last night and since we could tag team dealing with him we both managed to stay calm which just made him rage more. He tried every piece of ammo he could and was really mad that he could not engage us in a battle. He is home because I think he needs the space.
  • I discovered that the reason that he exploded and raged at school on Friday was because a child was teasing him about being adopted. You might as well set his hair on fire because teasing him about that is not a good plan. I spoke to the school again this morning and tried to make them understand how serious this was and that it was bullying... they seem to get it but I won't believe it till I hear that something has changed.
  • I don't have to much on this week and I am looking forward to some time to do things I enjoy and things that need to get done.
  • Fudge had therapy this morning and we were taping it, when he got upset about something that he thought that I had done we were able to show him in the tape and prove to him that it had not happened that way. It made me wish that we could tape him all the time so we could end the arguments sooner.
  • Bryan Post is coming to Ontario if you live near Toronto.
  • I am really enjoying the Beyond Consquences online classes, there is so much to learn and so many great reminders of why I do things way I do.
  • I am writing at Hopeful Parents today, the post will be there this afternoon but if I don't get something writtien it may be a repost from here.
  • I spent Saturday outside, in the cold, I love scouting but I am not so keen on the all day winter events.
  • I need some lunch.
  • I would like my headache to go away, it is tension, perhaps it has something to do with the weekend.
  • Can't type and eat, need food, gotta go


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Indeed. I believe your headache likely has MUCH to do with your weekend, the prior week, etc.

Shauna said...

bullying & schools - slippery as an eel...