Friday, February 12, 2010

A partial victory

So while my children are filling themselves with red dye #5 from Valentines Day treats at school - eat it all now or it is mine – so they are eating it, Calvin has 2 suckers in his mouth at once! I thought I would take a minute and fill you in on the school issues.

Calvin's afternoon teacher took until today to get back to me, she heard me ( I also complained to his morning teacher and made her understand this was not a good plan) and was willing to adjust things some what. Although she is not willing to scrap the assignment all together or change it to a different kind of thing. So after some chatting and me repeating that he would be triggered by everyone else’s happy childhood stories/pictures she agreed that she would do all of that part in one day and then move the focus on to the last year of their lives for the actual work portion and the timeline. She will use the stuff the other kids have brought in to do the intro to the lesson on Tuesday and Calvin will stay home. He will participate in the last year portion because he can do that and proudly in many way because we have done lots of cool stuff in the last year.

I found out she did the same thing last year, the same project and the children all really enjoyed it, or so she says. She so does not get it. In talking to the morning teacher I also heard that they got 6 calls about the project and yet the afternoon teacher is till carrying on with it.

I think she is afraid of me. She insists on calling me Ms. and calls at moments when she knows that I will not be here like school pick up time. It's funny that another teacher who is about my age treats me like the scary Mama Bear... I am giggling just thinking about it.

Having Calvin home Tuesday means that I have to change/adjust my therapy appointment :( but I will survive or perhaps I will take him along and get him a new comic book and he can wait.... we’ll see.
In other news we are going ice fishing tomorrow with cubs, there will be pictures, lots of pictures and it should be fun. Monday is a holiday here and I am hoping to take them skating at a great outdoor place in the big city but I need to wait and see if the reinforcements are available to help because I do not skate and would require some help keeping both of them from getting lost in the crowd!


GB's Mom said...

It is a shame that the teacher insists on doing the same old, same old, when she could be fostering acceptance and tolerance in her classroom.

Sometimes, a partial victory is as good as it gets.

Mom 4 Kids said...

I never seem to get used to the Mrs. thing either. You go Mama Bear, grrrrrrrr! :-)

BT said...

Just catching up. My mind is blown by Calvin's teacher's insensitivity. The learning content of that assignment/activity could so easily be captured in a less hurtful way.