Thursday, February 18, 2010


You would never know when you first meet them just how hard it is for them to be in the world some days. They want to be like everyone else. They try to be like everyone else.
I hope that I can help them to learn that the person they are is beautiful and that they do not need to be anything that they are not.
Even if they are really different from everyone else they meet.


GB's Mom said...

Well said.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Hopeful parents are we...Have they been enjoying the Olympics like our boys??? AK said today he was doing half-pipe, tomorrow down-hill and short-track on Sunday after church...Too cute.

K said...

so well said
Lovely kids

Shanti said...

wonderfully said. they look like they're having a blast!

Kelly said...

THAT is what I needed to hear.

Wow, that looks like soooo much fun. I hate to be cold but man that looks fun!!!!